Bitcoin- Shall I invest?


So many people are searching an answer to this question, so therefore we wanted to offer some sincere advice to our readers. So, read on and know that any decision you make should be made on sound reasoning in order to protect your hard-earned dollars.

The ever-rising profile of Bitcoin shows that no doubt behind this digital currency there is strong collusion of many financial institutions. They have afforded it legal status in order for it to induce the gullible people into investing their funds into this currency. It is being integrated into many E-Commerce platforms in order to give it legitimacy. But the trust is based on what factor?

Once the funds are invested into this currency and enough amount has been accumulated into the system. Then these financial institutions will pull the plug and announce complete bankruptcy and hence they have succeeded in daylight theft without any liability.

How is it possible that anything can operate and be labelled as decentralized? This is sheer fraud, there is no doubt that this currency is being controlled by public institutions otherwise they will never ever be promoted. It is well known this is encouraging criminal activity as Bitcoin is the perfect gateway for anonymous payments. Every top criminal gang in the world is using Bitcoin to carry out drugs sales transactions and other criminal activities. Without Bitcoin it would not be possible. So therefore, there is a strong correlation between Crime and Bitcoin.

So, whoever claims they are fighting crime and at the same time endorsing this Bitcoin is similar to the cigar manufacturer who says he is fighting lung cancer. It’s a complete joke. But don’t fall for this joke since it is expensive and the final laugh will be on you.

They claim it is programmed by an unknown programmer this is the perfect script to deny any future victims of this digital theft to file any legal concerns to any particular entity. The principle is that you do not trust any unknown individual no matter who it is. The whole financial business is based on authentication of all the entities so the payment mechanism is traceable and liability is accountable in the Courts.

Bitcoin is pure speculation.

Bitcoin to sum it up is:

  • The Currency designed for the criminal networks to operate anonymously
  • Total speculation
  • No liability
  • No security for loss or fraud
  • Fraud
  • Awaiting a dramatic imminent market crash.

My final advise is stay away from this Bitcoin and do not be induced into it by the promise of easy money, it is a 100% fraud, guaranteed. Whoever has any intelligence will stay away from this unknown, unauthenticated digital currency known as Bitcoin.

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