Most Common frauds on the Internet

Common Internet Frauds

Let’s have a look into the most common types of frauds everyone should be aware of to avoid falling victim by these common scams.

CLI (Caller Line Identification) Modification of the Mobile Phone number:

The next time you receive a call from your bank or some other financial institutions; do not assume merely based on the Caller ID that this is the exact caller. So even though you may Google the number and it comes up in the search results as the number of your bank, does not mean that it is the person calling from your bank asking for details. Since it is easy to manipulate and modify the Caller Line ID of the caller to reflect any number he chooses to display when calling. Many VoIP apps allow users to change the CLI, and this is a powerful tool for criminals to exploit naive victims. links or other shortened links:

Be aware of these links, especially from an unknown source, since the target hidden webpage can point to a virus or some other malicious spyware program. When you click, the actual URL address is hidden, so this shortened link will transfer you to a page or download link of some spyware. Once installed then it can effectively watch your every move. Some programs may install critical loggers and then gain access to many email passwords and other passwords on the Internet.

Installing software from the webpage and not from the Play Store:

To install Apps directly is a significant risk since it is not scrutinized by the Google Play Store and scanned for viruses and other types of spyware. So in the event, you install a .apk file directly then there is a risk that this app may be able to gain permissions to scan your phone for information and also get permission to read your SMS messages. This is very dangerous, primarily when the SMS feature is used for 2-factor authentication.

Email fraud:

The email sender address can also be modified to the extent that the sender display email address may not be of the sender at all. However, when you reply to this email address, it may go to another email address usually written next to the CC.

Domain fraud:

This is where the fraudster clones the full website. So the domain may appear to be legitimate. Still, actually, on closer inspection, it will be evident that there is a slight difference between the actual official domain and the fake domain. So be alert to this type of fraud.

Bitcoin is an anonymous payment gateway designed to help criminals evade prosecution, so one should not do any transactions on this platform.The issue of cyber-security is important as the world adopts digitalization of all financial transactions, communicational needs, verification processes and all media publishing. Suppose a person wishes to complete his work. In that case, his requirement can be fulfilled with an App which is catered to providing that particular need whether it is paying Bills, receiving money, communicating with the government or any private corporation, shopping online, telecommunications or any other type of engagement.

These Apps store confidential data and the smart phone is loaded with many applications, if the phone has any vulnerability issue connected to the Operating System or Application or is infected with a virus then it can potentially mean that the data can be lost, stolen or utilized in such a way to cause serious financial loss or emotional stress.

One way to ensure adequate security on your device is to use a good VPN service such as the remarkable NOON VPN app which offers a high level of encryption, secure tunnel, dedicated servers and high-speed Internet. The VPN app prevents hacking attempts and man-in-the-middle attacks, frequently carried out in open public Wi-Fi networks.

Cybercriminals are always searching online for personal data which they can then utilize to carry out identity fraud and financial related crimes. The more information they have, the easier it is for them to carry out the online fraud. Secure VPN service can help prevent this type of data theft.

Companies are continually tracking the users to bombard them with geo-based adverts, and this can mean displaying high prices and keeping low prices of products and services hidden. A VPN app can overcome this and display local prices from different countries. A VPN app can also increase your connection speeds, especially if your ISP is throttling it or slowing down the data speed.

So, therefore, users who are concerned about cybersecurity should use a good VPN service.

VPNs are only one aspect of cybersecurity, but they are an essential one!

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