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Internet security is very important as everything is now dependent on the internet. If you fall victim to internet online hacking then you can potentially lose a lot from social media accounts, financial loss and data loss. NOON VPN can help you to make your connection run through a secure NOON VPN tunnel which can prevent hackers from trying to hack your device and steal your valuable data.

Spyware is a type of malware, installed onto the device without the authorization of the user, and it aims to extract the personal information of the user for financial gain either through marketing companies or by fraudulent criminal activities. The information is stolen by the deployment of this malicious spyware code and then the data is transferred through the internet to the attacker.

As for criminal gangs, they aim to extract valuable credit card details and banking information in order to commit credit card fraud. The advertising or the marketing companies also are interested in the personal data in order to market products and services which the device owner is interested in, they know this by monitoring the internet history, searches and emails.

Therefore Spyware is a dangerous threat due to the lucrative financial markets relating to the sale of “personal data”.

There are many types of Spyware, the most common type is as follows:-

  1. Adware- This type of spyware monitors internet browser usage in particular searches conducted for products and services. The Adware program then utilizes this information by bombarding the user with adverts related to these products and services which appear in the form of Banners or Pop-up Ads. So if the user is interested in purchasing a new Mobile phone then the Adware program will display Ads from companies which sell Mobile phones. This type of information is extremely useful to marketing companies which can exploit it in order to make big profits.
  2. Trojans- This type of spyware is usually integrated with a legitimate useful free program after the installation the Trojan becomes active and aims to steal personal info. There is also the Remote Access Trojan (RAT) which gives the remote access of the computer to the attacker.
  3. Tracking cookies- This type of Spyware tracks the web searches, history and downloads information in order for the marketing companies to exploit this.
  4. System Monitors – This captures all the activities which are conducted on the computer, so it can take screenshots, monitor keystrokes, programs installed, websites visited and so on. An infamous example of this tool is the Key logger which has been around for a long time it can record all the keystrokes and upload this information for the attacker to exploit it. So if a person types his credit card information, it will be immediately sent to the attacker and armed with this information he can carry out fraud. With many services today available online, if the attacker has access to passwords he can potentially undertake many different types of illegal transactions on behalf of the user such as banking transfers, commercial fraud by impersonation and so on.

Data is very important to the marketing companies and the criminals so, therefore, it has to be protected in order to prevent illegal exploitation of it. This is the aim of cyber security.

With the aid of the sophisticated Noon VPN app the Internet can be fully accessible worldwide, it can open all the digital borders, overcome all the restrictions. Therefore we recommend everyone to use Noon VPN for the best Internet experience, get access to the fastest VPN servers, security and total privacy guaranteed. So download now!

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