WhatsApp Privacy the truth, don’t be naive!

Whatsapp Privacy

I want to start by stating some simple facts:

  1. WhatsApp was founded in 2009 and bought by Facebook in 2014 for $19 billion.
  2. By 2016, the app had reached a user base of 1 billion.
  3. Facebook is the world’s largest Ad network.

Now the next logical question is how does WhatsApp generate revenue and profits. Obviously, no one is naive to think that Facebook purchased WhatsApp for charitable purposes.

To operate WhatsApp services is very costly, providing messaging services, audio calls, video calls requires thousands of dedicated servers, software development costs, internet bandwidth and so on.

Facebook without any doubt whatsoever utilizes the large data from WhatsApp users to optimize its target marketing campaigns. And this gives it a unique advantage in the market since they have access to private information in the form of private WhatsApp conversations.

Know that no company is providing free services, there is no such concept in a capitalist world, sooner or later you will need to pay either by compromising your online privacy, or by the sale of personal data, or being bombarded with exact target marketing campaigns. Likewise, Facebook will bombard you with those Ads which are relevant to you based on your data. Due to this their Ad network is effective and companies can run successful marketing campaigns knowing that the displayed Ads using Facebook are very good at reaching the desired user who has demand for the advertised products or services.

The next question, what to do?

Simply enjoy the free WhatsApp services and thank Facebook for helping you with your online searches. If you really care about not sharing your data then alternatively you can use Noon VPN which will distort your data and thus making it useless to any Ad network. Noon VPN will change your location, hide your online activity, pass your data through a secure tunnel, encrypt your data and provide you with the necessary security against potential hackers.

Noon VPN

So, use Noon VPN and WhatsApp to enjoy high-quality audio/video calls without any interruption, disturbance anywhere, anytime!

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