Noon VPN

What is VPN?

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) offers the user privacy, security, and anonymity by creating a private tunnel which secures and hides all the transmitted traffic. VPN hides your IP addresses so that all your online actions are untraceable. But more importantly, a VPN connection helps to establish a secure and encrypted connection.

Protect your Identity with the best VPN

If you do not use a VPN, you can easily be identified by your unique IP address however it will not be possible if you use the best VPN. Your online address is the IP address of your device which can be traced however when you use VPN your real IP address is masked and the visible one is the remote VPN server IP.

Uninterrupted Social Media

Access any social media application without worrying about local internet restrictions. Connect to a secure high-speed VPN server in another location and get instant access to the required social media platform.

Uninterrupted communication with the fastest VPN

With a fast VPN connection, you get uninterrupted communication during video calls and gaming. There is a minimal packet loss or latency when using a high-quality VPN service provider.

Hide your location

With a VPN service which has many locations, you can select any location to avail offers or services particular to that location. So you may access unique content which may only be viewed in a specific country by using the VPN server location of that country.

Encrypt your data

By connecting to the VPN server, it creates a secure tunnel, and the VPN also encrypts the data thus preventing hackers or criminals from stealing your valuable data.

Unblock Websites

VPN can overcome any restrictions to unblock websites which otherwise may not be accessible. Access blocked websites from anywhere in the world with the best VPN.

Uninterrupted streaming

With dedicated internet services combined with high-end servers, you can experience high-quality live streaming for video calls or conference calls.

Help to protect bank info, passwords & downloads from snoopers

Connecting to the internet through an open Wi-Fi network exposes the user to hackers who can easily steal the data and commit theft and frauds. To prevent such scams, the user is advised to use a secure VPN service which will prevent hackers from stealing any data.

Why do you need a VPN service?

Browsing the Internet on an unsecured Wi-Fi network allows others to eavesdrop and monitor all your data exploited to commit crimes or sold to marketing companies. So, therefore, anyone sharing a Wi-Fi network with others should ideally use a VPN service to protect the data and to ensure privacy. The encryption and privacy offered by a VPN service help protect your online activities: sending emails, e-commerce, using credit cards and general data.
A good VPN is a must for anyone who connects to a Wi-Fi network, especially an insecure public Wi-Fi network.

Protect your IP address and privacy

When establishing a VPN connection, it creates a data tunnel between your device and a remote server based in another location which has its unique IP address. So when you use different internet services, your location and IP is that of the remote server in a different country. Also, when the data gets transmitted through the VPN tunnel, it is encrypted so that the local ISP has no logs of your browsing history. It ensures that there is total privacy and also security through encryption.

VPN privacy : What information does a VPN hide ?

Hide your IP

Whenever you use the Internet and access any service, your IP address gets broadcasted and this IP address can identify the person and his location. However, when using a VPN connection, this information gets hidden, so it is assumed that the one who accessed the internet service is the remote VPN server IP and not the actual device IP.

Hide your location for streaming

When you are travelling, you may not be able to access local sports streaming services. So, therefore, the only method to gain access to the sports streaming services is to connect to the local VPN server in that particular country.

VPN hides your devices

A VPN service can prevent hackers attacking your device while you are connected to a public Wi-Fi network. It can also prevent theft of personal data.

VPN hides your web activity

The local Internet Service Provider does not have access to your browsing data. The VPN service can also protect you from identity theft, where someone steals your data and then commits fraud in your name. By ensuring that your online data remains private, you will not be targeted by marketing companies selling you products based on your profile and location.

Protect you against identity theft

Identify theft is a serious concern for anyone connecting to the Internet. Hackers have employed various methods to hack into devices and steal user data, credit card details, sensitive personal information and possibly encrypt the data to prevent user access. If the hackers encrypt the data on the device they will not decrypt until blackmail charges are fully paid. So in brief identify theft or data loss or theft is a serious problem that all users are facing while being connected to the Internet. By creating a secure VPN tunnel you can safeguard your data on the device from external hacking attempts.

Unblock websites

NOONVPN allows you to access your favorite sites from anywhere in the world and bypass local blocks. Encrypting your Internet connection allows you to secure your personal and private data.